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Contact Us!

 Please note that changes cannot be bound via email or voicemail, but one of our agents will be in touch to verify your request by the next business day. 

Drop us an email or give us a call! You can submit a change request or request documentation via the contact form below. Or you can always stop in and chat while you enjoy a cup of coffee! 


Whether it is for homeowners, auto, health, life or business insurance, we are always happy to provide a free quote and help out with any questions you may have. You can request a quote here.

Please note that hours listed do not include holidays and are subject to change.

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm


216 Minnesota Ave N

Aitkin, MN 56431

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


18015 Ulysses St NE, Suite 400

Ham Lake, MN 55304

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm


1300 Northridge DR NW 

Pine City, MN 55063

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm


83 N Mable St 

McGregor, MN 55760

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm


41 Arrowhead Lane

Moose Lake, MN 55767

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