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Social Distancing Fun

Here at Pine Insurance, along with the entire world, we are feeling the strains of "Stay at Home" orders and social distancing. We all miss the interaction with our family and friends, the social environments where you'd run into your neighbors and community members. Though it may be an introvert's dream, here are some fun ideas to help get us through! Happy distancing! 

* Go through old photo albums. Scanning them or even taking pictures of a picture and sending it to a family member or friend can bring a ton of laughs. Even funnier if you send that totally embarrassing one of your cousin you haven't spoke to in a while - and even better if you make it a group chat with other family members! Good times! Bonus - if you scan them, you can get them digitized and start creating those great Snapfish or Shutterfly projects!  
* Spring Cleaning - Well, some might not find throwing stuff away fun while some others find "de-cluttering" a high point even not during social distancing! The recycle centers and dumps are open certain hours to take your junk! Check your local websites for the hours.  
* Video call, video call, video call! Video call with a costume on for added fun! Have your kids dress up and give Grandma and Grandpa a call. And remember, if you're video calling someone and feel the need to change out of your pajama's - are they really your friend?
* Start a google meet chat - have an online party with your friends. You can turn any conversation into a good ol' fashion drinking game (21 years of age and older obviously). You know how to play - every time your buddy says "duh" or that one word they always use - they drink. The more you make them talk, the more you'll catch them using that "word". And you're already safe at home! No need to worry about sober cabs! Game on!
* Create daily "check-in's" with your friends and family. Create a point system - say a photo posted is 5 points, a general "hey" is 1 point, etc. When life returns to normal, the one with the lowest points has to host the "back to life" party/BBQ at their house! 
* Have a "Dress-up Night" with the kids - dress fancy, have fancy candle lit dinner. Make it fun or silly for some good laughs. You're kids will love it! Especially if you let them at your clothes! 
* Have a board game tournament with the whole family. Who doesn't love kicking some family butt in a good ol' game of Monopoly. Divide into teams - adults vs. kids, or boys vs. girls. The loser cooks dinner that night. Or the winner picks the next family activity. 
* Let your kids camp out in the yard! Grill, bonfire, s'mores. All the fun of camping right at home! 
* Go for a walk with the family and play the alphabet game. On signs, license plates, etc., you start with A and the next person has to find B and so on. 
* Play group games - there are so many apps that you can download like houseparty or jackinthebox tv where you can play different games such as trivia, pictionary, etc with your friends and family. 
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