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Your personal auto for delivery business? Uber?

Covid-19 really messed up our world in so many ways. It's a time in our lives where it can be hard to find any positive aspects to social distancing, quarentine, etc. However, there's always a positive side somewhere if you look hard enough. In this case, one would be that some companies found new ways to communicate and serve their customers. A lot of this was noticed in the increase in delivery services. Since we couldn't leave our house, we wanted things brought to us. Which actually, for the introverts in us, this was ideal. Granted, some of us may never leave our houses again now that most things can be brought to us...

With the increase in the need for delivery services comes the increase in need for delivery drivers. A lot of people took to delivery as a way to supplement their incomes. But there were a lot of those people that didn't stop and question if they had insurance coverage while they were using their personal vehicles to deliver with. You'll hear me preach time and time again that you can never assume you have automatic coverage.

A lot of companies will exclude delivery service in coverage. Meaning if you are using your vehicle for pizza delivery and you are not covered under the emlpoyers policy, you might not have coverage. So if you are in an accident while delivering that pizza, you might be out of luck. A lot of companies also will not cover you if you are doing uber, etc., either.

Here's a few things you should always check if you're going to be using your personal vehicles for a delivery service or uber, etc.

- Call you agent!

- Contact your employer and find out if coverage is in place with them, and if not

what are the requirements.

- Inquire about commercial insurance coverage. It's less expensive then you think.

Call us. We will make sure you and your auto are propteced! We would hate to see you lose the additional income you might be making in the event of a loss and have no coverage!

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