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How do you choose an agent or agency?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for any type of insurance; from choosing the right agent to making sure you have the correct coverage in place. Understanding insurance can often feel like you’re learning a new language. It can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why you need an agent you can trust to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.


* An agent should understand your needs as a consumer. Whether it be in personal lines such as your homeowners or in commercial lines for your business; they should be able to make sure they are protecting what’s important.

* An agent should be able to translate and explain complex insurance products in ways that can be understood avoiding terms like “underwriting”, “reinsurance” or “subrogation”.

* An agent should present a full insurance picture to a homeowner or a business. Agents keep track of hundreds of new carries, products, coverages, risks and new lines of business every year in a way that a consumer or business does not.

* After a sale and agent handles important touchpoints for policyholders such as continuing to review coverages to make sure there are no gaps, renewal decisions and helping with claims.

Your relationship with your insurance agent is as important as the policies you purchase. Trusting that your agent is looking out for your best interest, making sure you and yours are protected is extremely important. Finding the right agent is critical in making sure you have no gaps in coverage that would leave you open to out-of-pocket expenses that you might not be able to afford.

Always ask questions if you are unsure of what is covered or what a certain coverage actually includes. You should know what is or is not covered in the event of a loss so you are prepared. There are so many different situations that could happen in life and knowing where your coverage is coming from is a must. Just because you have something in place does not mean there is coverage in certain circumstances. Your agent should be happy to explain these to you.

We are always willing to sit down with you and explain your policy here at Pine Insurance! We Protect What's Important and to us, you are important!

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