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Personal Lines Insurance 

At Pine Insurance, we want to Protect What's Important.
We understand that not all personal insurance needs are the same. You might have atv's and a boat that you need covered, while your neighbor maybe has an rv and motorcycle that they need covered. Maybe you have 2 youthful drivers in your home. Everyone's insurance needs are different.

We don't sell you coverages you don't need.

At the same time, we also want to make sure you have no gaps in coverage. Our agents specialize in all lines of insurance. Not only will we make sure you have the right policy that fits you and your life, we will also educate you on your coverages so you are not caught off guard in the event of a loss. 

Why do you need insurance? 

There are many reason you need insurance. Things such as state laws requiring auto or recreational vehicle coverages to your lien holder or mortgagee company requiring you to have a policy in force.

But the #1 reason you need insurance? To protect you and yours.  

In the event of a loss such as a fire or car accident, you want someone there that's going to reassure you - we got you covered. All the things you've worked for or are working towards, that's why you need insurance. 

What can be insured? 

If you own it, we can insure it with, a few exceptions. 
Autos, classic cars, homes, cabins, campers, RV's, ATV/UTV's, boats, motorcycles, e-bikes... and the list goes on. We can even insure your pets! 

If it's important to you, let us insure it! 
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