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2023 Medallion Hunt-01.png

The Medallion has been turned in! Thank you to everyone who looked!

Clue 1: Time to get that medallion hid for another year. Someone finding it day one is my only fear. Adorn Aesthetics will help you celebrate your beauty just head to their lobby! The Medallion you seek is by a well known hobby!

Clue 2: We don’t have to worry about rain during this medallion hunt. The medallion won't be found near a hit or bunt. Don't forget to water those beautiful hanging baskets from Beaver Meadow Garden Center. No need for a gate here because anyone can enter.

Clue 3: Halfway through the hunt and today could be the day. But what do I know.. It’s tough to say. We’ve had a ton of hot days but a fridge from Dale's Heating and Appliance can keep your food cold. A picnic around some outdoor tables would be fun I’m told

Clue 4: Day 4 and the hunt is still on. But you’re allowed to be looking at least till dawn. Stan's Equipment Center has mowers that can cut perfectly around trees. To find the medallion you will probably have to crawl on your knees.

Clue 5: Final day of the medallion hunt is here. The question on my mind is it still out there. Master Bait and Hook is the new place to get set up for fishing. Head to Chaleen park and look near trees and the cash we will be dishing.


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