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A house fire is devastating. Make sure your family has a fire escape plan and can implement it at any moment. Following a few general guidelines could save your home.

1. Test Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

The easiest way to avoid a house fire is by checking your smoke alarms regularly. Set a day that you put new batteries and test these every year - such as New Years, Fourth of July, etc. If you have a set day/time, you'll always remember to keep the batteries fresh! 

2. Inspect All Your Heating Sources 

If your heating sources aren’t working properly they could trigger a fire to happen. Having them checked annually by a professional is always a good idea. Make sure your air filters are always cleaned out. A fire can easily start from debris and dust being too close to a heat source so make sure you clean them regularly. 

3. Keep Your Stove and Oven Clean

Keeping food particles and debris away from your stove burners and oven is always a good idea. If your curtains hang a little too close to the stove, they can catch fire. If you leave a dish towel or cookbook on a burner that you forgot was still hot, they can catch fire. 


4. Don’t Leave Your Kitchen 

A few seconds is all it takes for a fire to start. This is why you never want to leave your stove unattended. If you have to leave the kitchen for any reason, turn off your stove first. 

5. Always Check Your Dryer

Depending on what type of dryer you have, they need to be inspected on a yearly basis. And always make sure to clean your lint trap! You also want to check behind the machine to make sure it stays clean and free from debris. 

6. Maintain All Cords 

Before you plug something in, make sure that the cord hasn’t been frayed or chewed. If you do notice damaged wires do not use the cord as this is a huge fire hazard. 

7. Properly Store Flammable Products

Household cleaners and common cosmetic items like hairspray and shaving cream can be hazardous. You want to store them safely in a cool area and keep them away from any heat source.

8. Practice Caution with Candles 

Make sure you put them out before you exit a room and keep them far away from any objects. Make sure you blow the candles out before you leave your house or head to bed. Never put them on an uneven surface like carpet, because it’s too easy for them to tip over. If you have pets, make sure lit candles stay out of their reach. 

9. Be Careful with Your Fireplace 

You don’t want any stray sparks to escape so you need to make sure you have a door between the flames and your flooring. When you throw the ashes away, make sure you’ve given them more than enough time to cool down. Dispose of them in a metal container that is designated just for the ashes. 

10. Keep Fire Extinguishers Around 

Fire extinguishers are your best defense weapon when a fire breaks out. You want to make sure you have one in every room that is a potential threat, such as the kitchen and have them in easy reach. 

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